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IT Solutions

All IT Solutions we provide

We offer the very best services under this brand of Amfex Network. Whether you want a website, an application , or you want to fix your laptop or computer, or you want to learn a programming language or an advanced programming topic, you are at the right place!

  • Software Development

    Websites, Mobile apps, desktop apps, APIs, etc.

  • Software Management

    We manage and rebuild all kinds of systems

  • Computer Repairs

    We are the best computer repairers available in Sunyani.

  • IT Training

    Learn programming languages like C++ , Python , Java , Web Development , etc

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IT Solutions

Full list of all services we provide under IT Solutions.

  • Website Development

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Desktop Application Development

  • Software Rebuilding

  • Software Prototyping

  • Software Management

  • API Development

  • System Installations

  • Computer Repairs

  • Software Configurations & Fixes

  • IT Training - with certifications

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